Crown Class

Crown Class seating is featured on both the Nantahala Gorge and Tuckasegee River excursions. 

Crown Class seating is featured on both the Nantahala Gorge and Tuckasegee River excursions. 

These cars date back to the mid 1920’s and have been restored and renovated to reflect this nostalgic era. The seating configuration still reflects that of the commuter style layout popular in 19th century. Seats are arranged in sets of four with two facing each other. This is wonderful for families or parties who wish to stay grouped together throughout the duration of their ride. Attendants are also prepared to accommodate parties of two.



In selecting Crown Class seating you will receive the following amenities:
A private car attendant
GSMR Souvenir Tumbler that is refillable at no charge for the entirety of your trip
Climate control for comfort
Large picture windows for optimal viewing
Easily accessible restroom facilities

Limited bar service with daily drink specials

All Crown Class cars feature a beverage station where an attendant can easily refill your tumbler at any time while onboard you’re Crown Class Car. Pre ordering for a box lunch is a great way to plan ahead for your trip.  Once ordered, the box lunches are available for you to pick up at the Conductors Cafe onboard the train at any time during your trip.Click here to see the selection. 

The Nantahala Gorge Excursion features two Crown Class cars, the Piedmont and Southland.  The Piedmont underwent a complete renovation at the beginning of 2014 and the Southland is currently in its final phase of renovation. The Piedmont is pictured below. 


The Tuckasegee River Excursion also features two Crown Class cars, the Royal Palm and Crescent. Both of these cars were renovated in early 2000 and have maintained the comfort and style that Crown Class seating provides. The photos below show the Royal Palm (left) and the Crescent (right).The aerial view provided below reflects the seating arrangement for the Crescent and Royal Palm.


General excursion pricing for Adults $66, Child (2-12years) $38,

Infant (23months and under) $10

October Pricing *Adults $67, Child(2-12years) $38, Infant (23months and under) $10

All tickets purchased in 2015 are subject to 7% historical preservation fee and a 6.75% North Carolina State tax.

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