Employment Opportunities at The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

Why Work for the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad?

  • We have a lot of fun providing unique experiences for our passengers.
  • All employees are eligible for a Southern Highlands Attractions (SHA) pass (www.southernhighlands.org – free admission into a variety of area attractions).
  • All employees are eligible to use pass exchange with a variety of area attractions.
  • Eligible for food and merchandise discounts.
  • Earn train passes for you, friends, and family.

How to Apply

GSMR accepts applications year round. All applications submitted will be kept on file for a year from the date of submission.  Applications are available in the Bryson City Depot or you may download and print the application.

Completed applications may be dropped off to the depot located at 226 Everett Street in Bryson City, NC or you may e-mail [email protected]

Available Positions

Superintendent of Operations and Safety Management Regular 2/24/2021 Until Filled
Marketing and Special Events Intern Marketing Intern 3/24/2021 Until Filled
Food and Beverage Supervisor Food and Beverage Core 3/9/2021 Until Filled
Food and Beverage Supervisor Food and Beverage Seasonal 2/18/2021 Until Filled
Accounting & Reservations Assistant Accting/Reservations Regular 1/13/2021 Until Filled
First Class Cook Food and Beverage Seasonal 1/21/2021 Until Filled
First Class Server Food and Beverage Seasonal 2/19/2021 Until Filled
Food and Beverage Runner Food and Beverage Seasonal 2/17/2021 Until Filled
Crown and Concession’s Attendant Food and Beverage Seasonal 1/21/2021 Until Filled
Property Maintenance Worker Property Maintenance Seasonal 2/19/2021 Until Filled
Property Maintenace Worker Property Maintenance Regular 2/19/2021 Until Filled
Rear Breakman Operations Seasonal 3/9/2021 Until Filled
Position Department Employment Classification Opening Date Closing Date

Employment Classifications

There are multiple employee classifications at the GSMR. They are used to help define the employees’ position and benefits within the organization. Classifications are based on the positions needed in each department for the effective operation of the company. Positions are classified on the organizational chart of each department and the overall organization.


This position may be exempt or non-exempt, salaried or hourly. It is essential
to the year-round operation of the company. As such it is full time and the
employee is scheduled / expected to work 2080 hours. Benefits include a health
benefit package, disability insurance, life insurance, PTO, 401k.


This position may be exempt or non-exempt, salaried or hourly. Positions in this classification are important to the operation of the company but may not require a full time schedule year round. While it is possible that such positions may work 2080 hours, it is likely that this position will have a period of time during the year where the employee may take paid time off, unpaid time off, or a combination of both. Some Core positions will allow employees to take 1 to 3 months off, others will have a 1 to 3 month period in which the employee will work less than full time. Employees in this classification are scheduled / expected to work a minimum of 1560 hours per year. Benefits include a health benefit package, PTO, 401k.


Due to the seasonal nature of our tourist based business a majority of the positions at the GSMR will be seasonal positions. While vital to the operation of the company they do not require a year round and/or full time commitment. Seasonal employees are not eligible for a company sponsored health benefit. PTO is not available. A 401k benefit is available based on plan requirements.


This position is designed for the short term (60 days or less) employment of individuals hired to complete very specific short term task assignments. There are no benefits with this position.

GSMR has a Zero Tolerance Drug & Alcohol policy. Equal Opportuntiy Employer. E-Verify

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad!